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Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Have you always been interested in making your home more green? If this sounds like you, it's time to consider solar energy as your step toward environmentally friendly living.

Solar energy is an emissions-free source of renewable energy that comes from the sun. The sun, which has been burning for more than 4 million years, is a fusion reactor and provides enough energy in one minute to supply the world with enough energy for one year.

Although the sun is an excellent resource, using solar energy to produce electricity is a relatively new concept and was only discovered in 1839. Fortunately, solar energy harnessing products are widely available and can help decrease your dependence on other sources of energy.

Green Scene Industries has installed more than 20,000 solar systems in Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville areas, since first being formed in 1994. Privately owned and operated, Green Scene Industries has the solar services to bring your home into the future of renewable energy.

PV Systems: Not your grandpa's solar energy

When most people think of solar energy, they think of inefficient, bulky panels on the top of a house. But, solar energy technology companies are rapidly producing sleek, modern and efficient panels that are bringing in the future of green energy.

Photovoltaic systems, or what is used to turn the sun into electricity, are like other electrical power generating systems. While (PV) systems use different equipment, the basic principle behind operation and interfacing with other electrical systems is the same and, just like traditional electrical systems, are regulated by electrical codes and standards.

While a photovoltaic array produces power when exposed to the sun, other components work in conjunction to conduct, control, convert, distribute and store energy properly. Depending on the operational requirements of the system, specific components may include other major parts such as a DC-AC power inverter, battery bank, system and battery controller, auxiliary energy source and, in the case of appliances, a specified electrical load.

Batteries are in photovoltaic systems for many reasons including storing energy produced by the PV array and supplying that energy to electrical loads.
The experts at Green Scene Industries will inform and educate you on any facet of solar energy you wish to learn about. To reduce your carbon footprint and ensure the world is a better place for tomorrow, call Green Scene Industries today.

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You have the ability to create a brighter future

Green Scene Industries can help you ensure future generations have a clean and protected environment. There are numerous benefits to renewable energy including:

  • Little to no emissions: Because we are overloading the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other emissions, the earth's temperature is steadily rising and creating significant impacts on our health, climate and environment. If you want to do your part in reducing emissions, call Green Scene Industries for solar energy installation on your Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville area homes.
  • Improved environmental and public health: Air and water emitted by coal and natural gas production has been linked to heart attacks, cancer, neurological damage and breathing problems. Making the switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy has shown to reduce healthcare costs and early mortality rates. Improve the health of your family by harnessing solar energy with help from Green Scene Industries- serving Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville area homes.
  • Vast and immeasurable energy supply: The earth provides a constant supply of renewable energy through wind, water and heat that can be harnessed to enjoy the same benefits that you would get from fossil fuels. Renewable energy can be used to replace a significant amount of the fossil fuels and ensure future generations enjoy a safe environment.
  • Economic benefits: The renewable energy industry is more labor-intensive than the fossil fuel industry, creating more jobs for each unit of electricity generated. Numerous studies show renewable energy supports thousands of jobs in the United States.
  • Energy prices: The cost of producing renewable energy technology is declining and is projected to decrease even more. As the market matures and companies begin taking advantage of renewable energy, prices are set to decrease further.
  • Reliable energy system: Because wind and solar energy is distributed and modular, they are less prone to failures on a larger scale should severe weather hit. This means that an entire region won't lose power because the distributed systems are spread over vast areas.
  • The benefits of renewable energy are limitless. Let Green Scene Industries prove how exceptional renewable energy can be by installing solar panels on your Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville area homes.
Not only do we install solar energy equipment, Green Scene Industries also has the expertise to install your energy efficient HVAC system, solar attic fan, solar pool heating system and solar hot water system. To harness and enjoy the benefits Mother Nature provides, call Green Scene Industries at 407- 715-6305 . We serve Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville areas.

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